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Archive for June 2018

Jamie & Cameron Cleaver

The day was promising to be the perfect day for a family celebration. Not a cloud in the sky, an amazing wedding venue, an established wedding planner, a thoughtful decorator, everything was perfect, especially when the couple came into the picture. The perfect day for the two in-loves to become one family and for two…

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Michel and Irisa De Klerk

Being surrounded by hundreds of kilometres of open space stirs the senses and liberates the soul, offering our busy minds a place of rest and tranquillity. Just imagine a wedding set in these endless horizons far from the big cities and rushing traffic. This here is a hidden treasure in plain sight. A place of…

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Dominque and Graham

With a feeling of being suspended over the suburb of Fresnay, Cape Town, South Africa, and with a 180-degree display of the ocean’s endless majesty, the epitome of luxury and opulence stand. The amazing villa, come reception venue called 50 Moondance. This unique holiday villa owned by Paul Berman and the Berman Brothers was the…

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