Dominque and Graham

With a feeling of being suspended over the suburb of Fresnay, Cape Town, South Africa, and with a 180-degree display of the ocean’s endless majesty, the epitome of luxury and opulence stand. The amazing villa, come reception venue called 50 Moondance. This unique holiday villa owned by Paul Berman and the Berman Brothers was the venue for our next couple’s wedding, a choice above the rest so to speak. This was going to be the unforgettable wedding of Dominque and Graham.

With the sound of the ocean in the distance and the slightly salty mist in the air, a team of dedicated craftsmen came together to make this an event of a lifetime, especially for Dominque and Graham

Anna Guardiascone, of Anna Marcelle Weddings, was the coordinator ensuring the smooth running of this well thought out event. Her wedding planning company has planned their way into weddings throughout the Cape and even into Europe. A bespoke wedding planner of top reputation.

Heike Hayward of Fleur Le Cordeur was approached to bring the venue to life with what only they can do… Floral decorations of the top tier, ready to wow the venue and all the guests who were about to arrive.

Of course no event would leave one satisfied without a caterer like Zest Catering from Botrivier, tantalizing the senses and nourishing the body with Primal Eatery coming alongside to provide refreshments and a not often seen Champagne Fountain to draw the eyes to this sparkling occasion.
One of the highlights of most weddings is of course, the cake. For this Dominique contracted none other than Lionheart Studios the buttercream and ganache specialists to handcraft a mouthwatering masterpiece, like only they can.

With everything perfectly prepared and in place, everyone was now waiting for the bride, Dominique to arrive. Enter, the woman of the day, dressed by Kobus Dippenaar in the Anna Georgina Bridal Range, with hair and make-up created by Rene de Witt and Fiona Waddel from Gorgeous 2 Go. Friends, family and coordinators felt their hearts leap as the Bride and Groom’s eyes met, hearts were joining, the long awaited day had come, two hearts becoming one.

Our CONGRATULATIONS to Dominque and Graham



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