Mariah & Gal

“I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.” – Paulo Coelho

For Mariah Ezra and Gal Ezra they had no idea the full extent of this quote, as their love story was about to begin from opposite ends of the earth.

As a curious and determined 16 year old girl, Mariah, who was about to embark on a business venture with her father, was living in the United States of America at the time. She began skipping school to attend a very prestigious and unbeknown to her, life-changing business seminar.

The seminar was held by Meir Ezra. During the course of three years, Mariah began working very closely with Mr Ezra. She met his wife as well his two youngest children. He became a mentor for Mariah, and guided her through many of her business and life decisions.

When Mariah turned 19, she had not yet left the country or travelled outside of America. She shared her goals with Mr Ezra and discussed how it would be her dream come true to be able to travel. Meir suggested that Mariah visit South Africa. He told her that he had a son, Gal who lived in Cape Town, and that if she wanted to visit this paradise, he could put them in contact with one another.

That evening Mariah went home and did a bit of research on Cape Town, as well as Mr Ezra’s son. She found that both were pleasantly appealing. Mariah discovered that Gal was the owner of a very popular music festival in South Africa, and she decided to bravely reach out and make contact.

Within weeks, the two had gone from texting endlessly, to facetiming for hours. Six months later, Mariah booked her ticket to South Africa where she would eventually marry the man of her dreams, five years later.

On the 1st of March 2020, the exquisitely beautiful bride walked down the aisle toward Gal. The couple chose the luxurious La Paris Estate in Franschhoek to say their I do’s. This oasis of tranquility and pure luxury was the perfect picturesque setting for the union between two people, families and cultures.

Mariah wore a delicate and gorgeous gown by Maggie Sottero Designs. Proving her many talents as well as beauty, the bride decided to do her own make-up for her big day. Her hair was styled by Neomi Ezra and Marios Company Hair.

Gal was suited by ZED Menswear. The love and pure adoration the groom felt for his wife was evident throughout this entire celebration. The couple’s wedding bands were created by Cape Diamond Exchange while the bridesmaid’s accessories were provided from brook & york.

The incredibly accomplished and renowned Fleur le Cordeur was responsible for dressing up the venue with her memorizing and magical flower arrangements while Wadescakes supplied the delicate and delicious wedding cake.

Experiencing this real-life fairytale was a true honour for Barclay Studios and we wish this beautiful couple nothing but love and happiness for their new chapter of the rest of their lives.

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