Michel and Irisa De Klerk

Being surrounded by hundreds of kilometres of open space stirs the senses and liberates the soul, offering our busy minds a place of rest and tranquillity. Just imagine a wedding set in these endless horizons far from the big cities and rushing traffic. This here is a hidden treasure in plain sight. A place of beauty in the vast open spaces of the peaceful Southern Namibian Bushveld.

Although the venue was set in the dry Bushveld, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, it was to be a day of luxurious elegance, splendour. A family celebration in the heart of Southern Namibia.

The venue and proceedings were being prepared by none other than Africa Safari Lodge.
The makeup for Irisa was to be created by the amazing Eva Toth from Evasion Art, and Irisa’s eyebrows and lashes were to being done by Chanelle Heyneke Makeup.

Michel had family and some of his best friends around him to prepare him to be a champion of this amazing day while Irisa was gleaming under the hands-on care of make-up experts, her closest friends, and of amazing course family. What a way to prepare for the greatest day in one’s life.

The stage was set, a beautiful sunny day, this event belonged to them. Friends, family and coordinators were all there to celebrate the coming together of two amazing people. It was finally happening, the joining of hearts, the joining of families the wedding of Michel and Irisa.

From beginning to end this wedding celebration was a day of elegance, beauty, sophistication and flair and a day of enjoyment for all those who attended. The flowers, the guests, the music and the expectation, painted an unbelievable picture in the middle of this wide open space in stark contrast to the harsh bushveld they were surrounded by.

The photographer was able to capture this unbelievable contrast in their photo of the Bride and Groom in their elegance against the open savannah background featuring a lone rhino grazing.

Our best wishes and congratulations go to Mr & Mrs Michel and Irisa De Klerk.


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