Shané & Hano

Shané Knoetze and Hano Swanepoel’s love story began unexpectedly through a shared connection in the French Foreign Legion. They met on May 11, 2019, when Hano, a friend of Shané’s brother Tristan, visited her cousin’s house in Pretoria. Hano’s direct approach led to a romantic night under the stars at his family’s farm in Limpopo, where he asked Shané to be his girlfriend just three days after meeting. This began their long-distance relationship, built on shared faith and mutual respect.

Their wedding day in August 2023 at Lakeside was the culmination of their love story. After visiting several venues, Lakeside captured their hearts with its picturesque beauty. On the morning of the wedding, excitement and anticipation filled the air. Shané, surrounded by her bridesmaids and supportive women, had her hair styled by her mother, Suzette Grobbelaar, and makeup by Louise Volschenk. The atmosphere was a blend of laughter, nerves and joy. 

Hano and his groomsmen, dressed in sleek tuxedos from BlackTie, prepared in another part of the venue, sharing jokes and memories that set a joyful tone for the day. The camaraderie among them reflected the strong bonds of friendship and family.

Just before the ceremony Shane was bundle of nerves. Hano sent her the most beautiful message at the right time: ‘Take a moment and breathe, look around, everything will work out as it should, I love you.’ The ceremony was a heartfelt affair under a beautifully decorated arch with flowers by BeeHappy Wedding and Events. Shané’s dress, designed by lifelong friend Johan Botha, was a masterpiece, making her feel like a princess. As she walked down the aisle, gasps of admiration filled the air. Dane, their officiant, added humor when Hano confidently answered, “I will” instead of “I do,” prompting laughter.

Our team from Barclay Studios – Garreth, Jacques, and Vaughan – captured every precious moment, from heartfelt vows to joyous celebrations, with natural, candid shots that perfectly encapsulated the day’s emotions.

The reception at Lakeside was a festive celebration. DJ Estian Esterhuizen kept the dance floor lively, and the elegant decor created an inviting atmosphere. The couple’s first dance and the father-daughter dance were touching moments, leaving many in tears. The wedding cake, adorned with a custom topper from Wendy’s Art, was a visual delight and delicious treat. 

Shané and Hano’s wedding was a beautiful celebration of love. Their story is a testament to love, faith, and the importance of a dedicated team to bring your vision to life. Their magical day at Lakeside, surrounded by love and support, was truly enchanting.

Photographers: Barclay Studios

Make-up: Louise Volschenk

Dress: Johan Botha

Tuxedos: BlackTie

DJ: Estian Esterhuizen

Cake topper: Wendy’s Art

PJ’s: Swish and Swank

Flowers: BeeHappy Wedding and Events

Venue: Lakeside

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